I've loved Harley since the first day of cross country practice her Freshman year, because no matter what she's always Harley. She stood in the circle as a tall, skinny 14 year old doing her stretches and out of the blue said, "Hey guys, I want to be a botanist." I have loved her for her flute playing, her mermaid red hair, her obsession with unconventional Asian fashion, her quirkiness, for eating Sour Patch Kids every day during XC season (despite my lectures on nutrition), and even for ALWAYS trying to sneak taking SnapChat pictures of me when she THINKS I'm not looking. This summer she stood at practice (3 years after declaring her love for plants) and introduced herself to this year's group of freshman by saying, "Hey guys. I'm Harley, and I love pastels." 3 years later...she is still the same Harley. 

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