Intimate | Debut Solo Exhibition by Kaitlyn Stoddard-Carter

After several years of working, reflecting, and curating, I am thrilled to announce my debut solo exhibition of my fine art series, Intimate. Although a large portion of my time is spent devoted to lifestyle and event photography here in the Memphis area, the fine art side of photography remains my "first love." The ideas behind this show have been simmering for quite a while now, and I'm excited about this opportunity to share my personal work with you all. 

Judged, measured, and compared (even subconsciously), I felt lost after a short career in the modeling industry. This time in my life allowed me to travel internationally, opened my eyes to other cultures, led me to meet some of my closest and favorite people, and gave me access to a world most people will never know or understand. Simultaneously, it created problems that affected my perceptions of self and my ability to open up to others. In an effort to rid myself of the ghost of expectations past, the Intimate series was born, albeit somewhat unknowingly, through immersion in photography and nature. The journey recorded in these photographs is a personal one and at times a painful one. The end result; however, was something much more than I could anticipate - it was honesty; a much needed change in perspective; a tangible series of art work; and most of all, healing.


Headshot by Emily + Jacob Photography

Whether you've been to one or one thousand art shows, I truly believe that these images will resonate with everyone on a personal level. I'd love for you to join me and the owners of the historically renowned Memphis venue, 409 S. Main, for a night of emotional and thought provoking art. The opening reception will take place on Friday, September 30th 2016 at 6 o' clock pm. It is an honor to be a part of the South Main Art District's Trolley Night, and I'm grateful to Rebecca Dyer at 409 S. Main for this opportunity. Your support means everything. 

St. Jude Patient Gets His Dream Ride from Retired Arabian Horse

K'meil's dream was to have his picture taken with a horse and maybe even ride one. That's when my phone rang. Lizz photographed me back in November in my wedding gown with my horse as a gift for my husband. She asked me if I thought we could use one of the horses, and even if he couldn't ride, the horse could be in the background. At that moment, I was sitting in the passenger seat of a dodge pickup truck pulling a gooseneck trailer with two horses in it headed to Alabama for an endurance race. I looked over at my cousin, Jennifer Whittaker, who owns Mystic Rose Arabians, teaches riding lessons and whose life is literally horses, kids, and more horses and told Lizz, "I think if he wants to ride a horse then he will ride a horse. He could probably have his pick of colors from Jennifer's lesson horses if he wants." And just like that,  K'meil's dream of riding a horse was coming true. We scheduled their family shoot/horseback riding around his chemo treatment's at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and set the date for April 5th. 

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I've loved Harley since the first day of cross country practice her Freshman year, because no matter what she's always Harley. She stood in the circle as a tall, skinny 14 year old doing her stretches and out of the blue said, "Hey guys, I want to be a botanist." I have loved her for her flute playing, her mermaid red hair, her obsession with unconventional Asian fashion, her quirkiness, for eating Sour Patch Kids every day during XC season (despite my lectures on nutrition), and even for ALWAYS trying to sneak taking SnapChat pictures of me when she THINKS I'm not looking. This summer she stood at practice (3 years after declaring her love for plants) and introduced herself to this year's group of freshman by saying, "Hey guys. I'm Harley, and I love pastels." 3 years later...she is still the same Harley. 

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